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Carla Siravo




Nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by!

About Me

I am a New Jerseyan. A former teacher, turned inventor & creator. I am a Teach for America Alumna (woot woot) and a passionate advocate for social justice education for children.


My heart is where literacy meets empathy.  

Before I became a published author, I worked in ABA therapy for children with autism, special education, case management, and literacy intervention. I currently work as a Literacy Innovation Specialist for The Institute of Multi-Sensory Education - Orton-Gillingham, where I write books and literacy songs and design teacher lessons and student assignments, as well as invent new literacy games using Orton-Gillingham methodology. It's kind of the most fun job ever.


Literacy Made with Love

All of my literacy resources are made with a special secret ingredient. It's love. That's the secret! My loving fingerprints are all over everything I create. Whether you read my books or use my IMSE Orton-Gillingham literacy resources, you're going to feel the love, whether you want to feel it or not. 


I don't sprinkle the love. It's a really heavy pour.


Empathy and Engagement over Everything 

I started my publishing journey on a mission to provide adults with resources to teach their children to be more compassionate and empathetic critical thinkers.


To put it simply, we lack resources to engage children in discussions about equity, so we don't do it.

My stories are based on real people and true events. The characters were developed through the lenses of my sweet little students and their big, heavy hardships. They take the politics and weirdness out of discussing race, poverty, gender, and trauma with children. If you can feel empathy for a cartoon manatee who is excluded because of his color, then you can feel empathy for a little boy or girl in your classroom who may be experiencing that. That's not political and weird, now is it?


Kids Care Because I Care

Teaching now is... really hard. The standards are insanely high, the resources are limited, and teachers are competing for attention with kids' unlimited access to bright, animated, engaging worlds behind their tablet screens.

I'll make teaching literacy easier for you.


When I create resources, I spend days at a time researching and interviewing to learn what excites kids, what they're passionate about, and most importantly, what will maintain their active engagement in literacy.

The truth is that literacy can be challenging, frustrating, or boring for children, especially for children with dyslexia and learning disabilities. But if we challenge children in the way they like to be challenged, if we weave their passions and their favorite things into our lessons, and if we respond to our children's feedback with care, they'll fall in love with reading. Their little reading worries will wash away and they'll be more worried about missing a fun lesson and opportunities to feel successful. 


Music isMagical, and so is Silent E

And if you got that, you're probably a literacy teacher.

I am lucky enough to be married to an extremely talented musician who turns my musical literacy dreams into a reality for students! If you haven't heard our Syllable Division Parody of Lil Nas X's Old Town Road, you really should. It's a bop. We have a music video for every syllable type! Check them out by searching "Siravo Syllables" on YouTube.